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The 3 Biggest Factors in Deciding Where to Live Off Campus

Figuring out where to live off campus can be a hassle but it is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your college experience.

Oftentimes the most difficult part of the process can be figuring out where to start and what really matters come move in day. To make this decision easier, we've highlighted three areas to check off the list before signing your lease.


By now you've reached the point where there are a few spots on campus that consume most of your day. Whether it be the gym, engineering building, or dining hall; everybody has their favorite place to spend time. The convenience of residing nearby these locations becomes an invaluable asset in everyday life as a student. With that being said the time and energy saved from being a stone's throw away can come at a price(literally). It's crucial to assess the underlying components tied in with living in the ideal location. Rent, parking availability, and the laws of the town are all variables that change based on location.

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Think to yourself how much personal value you have in each of these elements and use them to help find the right fit for YOU.


After spending a year or two in a crammed dorm room it's about time you have your own personal space. Unfortunately that desired space to sit back and relax is no guarantee. Every house has it's own nooks and crannies and you don't want to be the one stuck with the small room and nowhere to fit your necessities. When viewing a house, the size of the bedrooms and common areas have to rank toward the top of the priority list. Cramming simply creates unneeded problems that nobody wants to have to deal with. Take the time to discover a living space where you can reside peacefully without any mental or physical clutter!


Finally we have reached the make or break of the off campus housing world that ultimately determines how much time you spend at home: the people. It's not only a question of who, but also how many. With every additional person comes a bigger challenge in finding a house that can accommodate everybody. Be conscious of the difference between a good roommate and a good friend. At the end of the day bills have to be paid, dishes have to be cleaned, and the trash has to be taken out. As simple as these chores sound, there's always people who disregard details and become what are known as bad roommates. Don't be that person, but more importantly don't fall victim to that person by making a bad decision. Nobody knows your friends better than you do, so make sure you're living with the right ones!

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