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One Crazy Turtle : What Toku is all about?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

In 2008, Dreamworks introduced the world to Master Oogway. Master Oogway was the unsung hero of ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Toku's core beliefs can be explained by the scene where Oogway fluffs off in a flurry of cherry blossom leaves.

Before Oogway leaves, he tells Master Shifu to ‘let go of the illusion of control’. He explains how he can’t force a peach tree to betray its nature. It will always be a peach tree, however, the tree's potential is determined by the gardeners willingness to guide it, nurture it, and believe in it.

The founders of Toku think of the student housing market in the same way. We view every housing arrangement like a peach seed - while each house in the student market will always be a student house, the standard of living is determined by our willingness to guide you, nurture you, and believe in you.

Student renters are often going through this process for the first time, so we offer guidance by sharing market insights. Many agents leave students out to dry after signing the lease, but the Toku team is here to nurture you with open communication throughout your tenancy.

Finally, no one can truly control how students act after move-in, but we believe that through open communication, students will prove that they deserve better housing conditions.

Let us be the Master Shifu to your Po. For anything you need on your epic journey through college, Toku got you.

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